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Panel auf dem Dice Festival

Das Unsichtsichtbarmachen von fetten queren BPoC-Körpern

It was a pleasure to join this fatastic panel with these radical beautiful fatshionistas. Thank you Schwarzrund and Body_Mary. I’ve got so many questions to communities I am part of, so much pain about radical accountability, too less intersectional structures, soooo much joy and pancakes. This time with you made my life. Thank you Sky Deep for the space and your words: „We will continue until this room is full!“, that’s what you said.
Black people and People of Color where were you? Phat people where were you? Queer* people where were you?

#fatactivism #phat #blacklivesmatterberlin#allblacklivesmatterberlin
#intersektionalität #intersectionalitymatters
#biskayaroman #schwarzrund #lahya_aukongo#bodymary

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Panel Auf Dem Dice Festival
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