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Die One World Poetry Night fällt am 14.3.2020 aus!!

Dear lovely poetry people, Familiengarten-Stadtteilzentrum des Kotti e.V. und One World Poetry Night decided to postpone our show „Are you ready for the cause?“ into the future. The One World Poetry Night is a communities event. We as well as a lot of other groups/organizations in our communities don’t want to expose marginalized groups to the current virus situation. Marginalized groups (BIPoc, Queers, Migrants, Refugees, People without papers) especially those who are dealing with multiple intersects and access needs already have more difficulties to been recognized or have barriers by accessing health care and community support they need. We are one. Please donate (marginalized artists or_and marginalized BIPoc organizations), support each other, heal, reflect, avoid reproducing the harm as much as possible, be responsible and spread love. Write poetry.

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